Water Park Lockers

Electronic Locker System Features

Ozlockers premium lockers are designed for the commercial and retail tourism and leisure sector.  Built from premium Australian materials, our lockers are perfect for water parks, theme parks, alpine operations, marine operators, island resorts, beach side, transit stations and transport hubs. Equipped with a range of operating and locker management software, including additional options of mobile locker booking, mobile payment, client portals and mobile real time locker management applications.

Interoperability is at the core of locker system design. Our technology platform allows us to seamlessly integrate with our customers in-house systems, including ERP, EAM, CRM, Smartcard and POS.

The unique electronic locking system ensures that each locker closes first time, every time. Hand-made from precision-machined 306-grade stainless steel and the highest quality electronics, supported by an intelligent lock monitoring system.

Anti-vandalism technology, ensures continuity of operations even in the event of deliberate and severe damage to the LED screens. The system remains completely secure and 100% operational, until our rapid response team is dispatched to site.

Industry leading smart, secure and simple customer interface making locker use simple, but also encouraging customers to return again and again. Simple, one-touch, full colour, on-screen operation in any environment, with 8 languages as standard.

24/7 local telephone support (world-wide) via a free-call telephone number, with additional on-line web and mobile support options. Supported by real time remote monitoring and activity reporting.


Our lockers allow customers can hire and store you items in under 30 seconds!​

Customers have high-resolution LED display screens that are 100% operational, even when damage or vandalised, so customers can always access their locker, with out exceptions.

For international customers, visual on-screen instructions and spoken instructions, are in a choice of 7-languages.

Highly secure [in fact the world’s highest security] ensuring that your customers personal items remain safe and secure at all times during their rental period.

We even have a 24/7 free call customer and technical support. We will help customers use and access their locker, when we are needed.



Worlds highest locker security

Modular & scaleable design

Flexible configurations

Integrated reporting & analytics

Customisable workflows

7 languages as standard

Cashless payment options

Secure authentication options

Visual & spoken instructions