Water Park Lockers

Product Description

METRA ELS Assign Touch NET is an automated locker assigning system where a key RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) media, PIN code or a barcode ticket is used. Most common RFID media is in a shape of a card, but may be also in form of tag, wristband or watch.

Barcode tickets can be printed on a smaller paper, paper wristband or for long term use, on a plastic card. Plastic cards can also be RFID cards.

METRA Server software enables assigning lockers from the METRA PC software and remote locker management.

The system is suitable for use in hotels, schools, colleges, factories, companies, sport and recreational facilities and more. Ideal for daily or short-term users, as well as for permanent users.

METRA ELS Assign NET system is open, meaning that the existing access control cards and other RFID media such as ‘loyalty cards’ can be used as locker keys.


• Existing RFID cards can be used as a locker keys.
• Simple and user-friendly user interface
• For short term and/or permanent users.
• Alarm incase of locker break-in.
• Easy to setup through METRA software.
• Online locker management with METRA software.
• Other METRA devices can be easily integrated into the system.


Reader Terminal Touch is a 10” VGA LCD screen user interface for different METRA electronic locking systems.

Includes a built-in RFID reader used for RFID tickets and/or RFID Master keys. Also features an external barcode scanner for barcode tickets that can be connected to the device as an alternative to the RFID tickets.

Reader Terminal Touch also performs audio signalisation and shows an alarm message if an attempt of break-in is detected on a METRA Electric Lock connected to a METRA Locker Controller.

Different models with different RFID media readers or barcode scanners are available.


Self-serve kiosk technology allows your customers to manage their own accounts, register for programs and make payments at their convenience.

• Reduce labour costs
• Enable self-management by customers
• Utilise scrolling marketing screen
• Reduce reception bottleneck at peak times
• Free reception from lines
• Payment tenders include credit card, cash & change
• Stop multi-attendance and free ticketing
• Membership sales
• Visitor pass sales & top-ups
• Feedback submission feature
• Update contact details
• Casual entry sales


• Electronic lock
• Locker controller
• Reader Terminal Touch
• Network controller NET or Network controller TCP/IP
• Desktop POS reader
• METRA Locker Management and METRA Locker Rental Software