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Find school lockers for sale in Australia with Oz Lockers. Our range of lockers are ideal for schools and universities, using the Electronic Locking Solution (ELS) NET, which is a system for school lockers where RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) media is used as a locker key.

The system can be used to electronically control lockers for schools and universities to improve service & facility management. Students or staff could use storage lockers for sport, work & personal belongings.

Most common RFID media is in a shape of a card, but may be also in form of tag, wristband or watch. System is open, meaning that the existing access control cards and other RFID media can be used as locker keys, where student’s RFID media is usually defined for one study year. Existing student cards can be used with the system.


Existing Student cards can be used as Locker Keys.
Complete solution for renting school lockers with POS software.
Alarm in case of locker break-in.
HTTP access (over TCP/IP) for locker reservations.
Easy integration into third-party software.
Door Access Terminal can be added into the system to allow selective access to lockers area.
Other devices can be easily integrated into the system.
Master keys that allow opening of any school locker or group of lockers can be defined in the ELS NET software.
Push button for emergency opening all, to particular device, connected lockers is integrated on the Locker Controller.
Remote opening of any school locker from PC workstation.


Electronic Lock
Locker Controller
Network Controller NET or Network Controller TCP/IP
Reader Terminal
Desktop POS Reader
ELS NET and POS software
Door Access Terminal (optional)

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