Beach Locker Sheds

These beach locker sheds need no power so they can be set up anywhere on the beach, the roller door operates on a timer and will open in the morning and close at night to house the lockers.


Concrete plinth with Marine Cement,
Galvanised steel frame, recess roller door


Solar power for the automatic roller door
mechanism/timer/motor/external Light.


Sealed motorized shutter mechanism/
recessed into the plinth/curtain weight
springs/ wind-locks safety beam sensors.


The siren will operate when the roller door is closing.


External Light.
Manual Door operation
UPS backup
Surveillance Camera

Ozlockers plastic lockers are extremely strong; the lockers are non-corrosive, requires no electricity to operate and they look great. They are specifically designed for long life in hostile environments! The lockers can be arranged in vertical tiers of two/three/four/five high and as many as you wish long per bank of lockers, we would supply the lockers to you as a flat pack arrangement (un-assembled, cheaper to freight) assembly instructions will also be supplied as well, assembly is very simple and quick.

Oz Lockers Beach Locker Sizes
T-H385XXL: H1810 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385XXL/2: H856 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385XXL/4: H406 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385XXL/8: H181 x W385 x D500mm


H385L: H910 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385L/2: H406 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385L/4: H181 x W385 x D500mm


T-H385M: H610 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385M/2: H256 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385S: H450 x W385 x D500mm

beach locker options1

Base Board (Height 100mm)

beach locker options2

Slanting Top

Adjustable Shelf


beach locker
T-1 Combination
beach locker
T-16 Key pad lock
beach locker
T-2 Cam Lock
beach locker
T-13 Coin Retain
beach locker
T-5 RFID Lock
beach locker
T-H09 Locking

coin beach lockersLOCKER MODULES:

If you want to charge clients for the use of the locker, they can pay $1 (for example, this can be set to any amount but has to be the same size coin and to a maximum of three coins in total, i.e. 3x $1 coins or 3 x $2 coins, 2 x?$1 coins, 2 x $2 coins, 1 x $1 coin and so on) to hire the locker, which releases the key (until a coin is inserted the key is held by the lock, stopping keys being removed and lost) & upon re-entry of the locker?the key is held again by the lock ready for the next user, each vertical row of lockers has one money box at the bottom of the tier to collect the revenue.


5tiers Dimension is 350W x 460D x 340H mm
4tiers Dimension is 350W x 460D x 450H mm


Ozlockers is the first in Australia to offer Durable UV stable proven strength 100% resin laminate lockers that the public can hire a locker with their mobile phone and pay online.


PUBLIC is usable on every browser or smartphone, all you need to do is down load the PUBLIC app (Scanbot) hold your mobile phone on the miniPad lock of your choice (Green light will flash) then follow the prompts/instructions to hire a locker. You can pay by credit card/master card/pay-pal or even charge the locker hire to your phone bill. When you have completed payment, the user can enter their own personal 6 – digit code (date of birth) let’s say you were born on the 7/8/98 enter 070898 this way the user will remember their code. If we set this up for $2.00 per hour and the user overstays their time they will be charged accordantly from the time they have cancelled the hire on their mobile phone. The main feature to Beach locker Solutions is that you don’t need any power.

beach locker instructions